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The IT Maturity Vision of IT

IT Maturity has a methodology to comprehensively mature all processes of an entrprise using IT, including Leadership processes. At the core of the methodology is a condensation of the essence of the Science: define, track/measure, and tune/advance. This scientific essence is applied to all enterprise activities. Most enterprise activities have associated IT tools that define and mechanize their operation. Where there are no associated tracking/measuring or tuning and advancing IT tools, the IT Maturity Method introduces new IT tools.

Using this approach IT can be reorganized into four activities:

  1. Business Enhancement
  2. Technology Advancement
  3. Vendor Integration
  4. Leadership Improvement

As one example, IT Maturity believes that Vision should be done at the Speed of Change not one week a year during an executive special session. Otherwise Vision will be on average six months behind.

This can be accomplished by empowering your entire team, for IT Maturity believes that Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continually create Heroes. Tools like can be used to provide every team member access to tools that keep them up to date across the board with respect to their Topics of Responsibility. IT Maturity additionally provides Leadership Training on how team members can best interact (e.g. escalate, delegate, communicate) and focus on problems (e.g. scope and depth), as well as associated tracking/measuring and tuning/advancing tools.

Team members can use these tools to identify changes and associated solutions upstream to management in near realtime via enterprise process tools.

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