With TopicHero you can organize all of your Links, Search/Social Engines, RSS News Feeds, Notes/Webpages, and Chats by Topic and share them with others.


One of IT Maturity’s motos is:

“Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continually create Heroes.”

TopicHero can help individuals become technical and Topic heroes.

Use Cases – Needs Met by TopicHero:


  1. Want to organize all of your web based tools together in one place by Topics?
  2. Want to share your Links, Search Engines, RSS Feeds, Descriptions, and Chat as Topic packages?
  3. Want to organize your web communications, as opposed to being stuck with stream of consciousness interaction? (Enterprise vs Social Media)

Topic View


  1. Tired of copying links to new devices and browsers?
  2. Tired of being restricted in what device you buy, because all your links are tied to a specific browser?
  3. Tired of a mess of links, and how hard it is to add links and organize them?
  4. Tired of emailing multiple links?
  5. Are there some links you always want to see, and others just when you are working on a topic?



  1. Tired of having too many search/social sites open?
  2. Tired of copying searches between search/social sites when you are doing a topic search?
  3. Tired of having your searches controlled by specific search vendors?
  4. Do you want more in depth specialized searches?


RSS Feeds

  1. Tired of limited news sources and controlled news?
  2. Want to organize your News/RSS Feeds by topic?
  3. Want to share your RSS Feed selections with others of like mind?



  1. Want a convenient place to take notes, so they are with you on every device?
  2. Want to share your notes easily and in an elegant format?
  3. Frustrated by the difficulty of creating web pages/sites?

Description Editor      Generated Webpage


  1. Want to chat by topic with others interested in your topic (not just with your social group)?
  2. Want to have a site where you can chat with your group (or your customer base) easily?



TopicHero uses a Freemium Model:

Local Usage

  • No need to sign up.
  • All data is stored locally in cookies.
  • Can use TopicHero to search as proxy to many different search engines.
  • Can access shared Topics/Webpages.

Regular User (Free)

  • Registration required.
  • All data stored in the cloud and accessible via all your devices.
  • Can share your Topics/Webpages (up to three) with others.
  • Can Chat.

Premium User (low monthly cost – $2.99)

  • Can share unlimited Topics/Webpages.

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