The Next Generation of Webtool:

IT Maturity, Inc. will be giving a presentation on “TopicHero for Topic Heroes” at this years Penguicon in Southfield, Michigan.

Here is a description:

TopicHero ( allows users to create and share multiple Topics across different devices and browsers. Topic elements include Search Engines, RSS Feeds, and Links, in addition to typical web page elements. This is a different way of slicing web information, where the focus is on Topics as opposed to a focus on a Search Engine, device, browser, or RSS Feed. TopicHero arises from a philosophy that it is the topic that is critical and that users need effective tools to bring as many resources to bare on specific topics as possible. This is particularly true in business where many users are dedicated to working on specific topics for long periods of time.You must register (purchase a membership) to attend:


2016-penguicon-web-site-titleFriday, April 30, 2016, to

The Westin Hotel, 1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI ,

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