“Improving Leadership with IT” at Penguicon

IT Maturity, Inc. will be giving a presentation on “Improving Leadership with IT” at this years Penguicon in Southfield, Michigan.

Here is a description:
Exceptional leadership is the ability to methodically and continually create heroes! From an organizational perspective, most leadership research and theory is focused around individual leader psychology. IT Maturity takes an alternative IT perspective of leaders as entities operating within organizations, orchestrating how other entities interact with each other, to optimize productivity. IT Maturity Leadership includes principles in five different categories: Management, Organization (structure), Extent (of activities), Culture, and Vision. IT tools can be used to help enterprises to do this both technically and organizationally (i.e. enable individuals to excel).

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Friday, April 29, 2016, to

The Westin Hotel, 1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI ,

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