Future Leadership Meeting

We live in an era of massive change and growth. We are just at the beginning of this era and are privy to only the first small steps. What we have witnessed over the last few decades in science, technology, process, and culture will be dwarfed by what is very soon to follow. This group’s purpose is to discuss and foster this evolution from the perspective of Leadership and associated tools and processes.

We will be taking a hard look at what context Leadership exists in, what elements it works with, and what it means. We will also look at newly available processes, technology tools, and training.  Our focus will be on education, analysis, evolving activities within enterprises, and what the future will bring.

In this first meeting, we will talk about:

1) Leadership as the enablement of entities to act and interact within an environment. (See http://itmaturity.com Lead Improve).

2) Identification of Topics of interest to the group, as well as identifying volunteers to either present or obtain presenters.

Presentations will be from 5 to 30 minutes, with additional associated discussion and networking.

Meeting Logistics:

Register Through: Meetup.com

Monday, February 29, 2016, 6:00 PM

Benzinga – 1 Campus Martius, Suite 200, Detroit, MI

1. If your Meetup name does not include your first and last name, please mail your first and last name to the organizer. We need this for security registration to get into the Benzinga space.
2. You must bring your ID (license) to register to get into our space. You will not be able to come to our space without a valid ID.
3. Arrive at least 15 min. ahead of time for parking and registration time. You all will need to be registered separately.

TopicHero Topic: CIO

The CIO Topic

TopicHero.com gathers together a large number of interesting links, RSS Feeds, Search Tools (into specific journals), open Chat groups, and personal descriptions and notes by Topic. Users can access published Topics and share their own Topics or variants on Topics. TopicHero.com has just published a CIO Topic which can be found here: http://topichero.com/?h=page&p=CIO&b=IT%20Maturity.

The IT Maturity Vision of IT

IT Maturity has a methodology to comprehensively mature all processes of an entrprise using IT, including Leadership processes. At the core of the methodology is a condensation of the essence of the Science: define, track/measure, and tune/advance. This scientific essence is applied to all enterprise activities. Most enterprise activities have associated IT tools that define and mechanize their operation. Where there are no associated tracking/measuring or tuning and advancing IT tools, the IT Maturity Method introduces new IT tools.

Using this approach IT can be reorganized into four activities:

  1. Business Enhancement
  2. Technology Advancement
  3. Vendor Integration
  4. Leadership Improvement

As one example, IT Maturity believes that Vision should be done at the Speed of Change not one week a year during an executive special session. Otherwise Vision will be on average six months behind.

This can be accomplished by empowering your entire team, for IT Maturity believes that Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continually create Heroes. Tools like TopicHero.com can be used to provide every team member access to tools that keep them up to date across the board with respect to their Topics of Responsibility. IT Maturity additionally provides Leadership Training on how team members can best interact (e.g. escalate, delegate, communicate) and focus on problems (e.g. scope and depth), as well as associated tracking/measuring and tuning/advancing tools.

Team members can use these tools to identify changes and associated solutions upstream to management in near realtime via enterprise process tools.

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Seamlessly Turn Notes into a Website with TopicHero.com – Online Class

IT Maturity is now offering free online courses on TopicHero. The first one will be on Friday February 12th at 3:30pm and will cover how to seamlessly turn notes into a website.

With TopicHero you can organize all of your Links, Search/Social Engines, RSS News Feeds, Notes/Webpages, and Chats by Topic and share them with others.

Details on all events/classes can be seen at: https://itmaturityinc.com/shop/events/

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With TopicHero you can organize all of your Links, Search/Social Engines, RSS News Feeds, Notes/Webpages, and Chats by Topic and share them with others.


One of IT Maturity’s motos is:

“Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continually create Heroes.”

TopicHero can help individuals become technical and Topic heroes.

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  1. Want to organize all of your web based tools together in one place by Topics?
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  1. Want to chat by topic with others interested in your topic (not just with your social group)?
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TopicHero uses a Freemium Model:

Local Usage

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Premium User (low monthly cost – $2.99)

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