IT Will Introduce Innovations Across a Broad Set of Endeavors!

In this Newsletter we briefly discuss other innovations that are likely to appear in the near to mid-term.

Smart Restaurants

Look to see communications, and emerging complex computation to transform restaurant wait staff into concierge. Imagine the following advances:

  • Menus displayed on screens, ubiquitously anywhere from the web or at numerous stations in the restaurant including at the table.
  • Orders taken via any type of computer input or via operators.
  • Menus crafted based on customer information such as dietary needs and common preparation preferences.
  • Orders delivered via automated delivery carts.
  • Entertainment and social meet-ups coordinated via websites and pre-programmed preferences.
  • Concierge staff roaming the restaurant making sure customer experience is pristine.

Imagine being in a foreign city on business and a menu of food, entertainment, and meet-up combinations are provided to you based on your preferences. When you arrive at your venue of choice your beverages and appetizers are ready in a location where people of similar interests are ready to socialize with you. Later both entertainment and food appear to further enhance your experience.

Voice Operating Systems

Look to see screens, keyboards, microphones, speakers, mice, touchscreens, gesture, and other devices to become un-tethered from desktops and laptops. The devices are what users interface with. The current packaging of desktops and laptops will likely erode dramatically.  Tablets and smartphones are quickly replacing them.  However, even these packagings are likely to be temporary. Only the interfaces are critical.

Whether in a vehicle, walking, at home, or at work, devices will be able to interact with users. Devices will provide medium of choice, whether the medium is a movie, album, photos, shared desktop, conference, class, or other. As users move the medium will be able to move with them to other devices.

Voice inputs are likely to become more dominant. Thus, the term Voice Operating System. While many tasks can be handled via automation, look to see concierge services expand. When users interact with Voice Operating Systems, they will have the option to contact a concierge for further assistance.  We already see this today in vehicle, security, and health services. Look to see this expand to the home, smartphones, as well as to general and specific help desks.

Smart Travel

There are many websites that help users optimize specific trips. As the two most critical factors of negotiation are time and options (this is discussed in detail in ITMM Vendor Integration training), look to see these types of sites become significantly smarter.

Users will be able to enter multiple destination preferences along with traveler options for when they can travel. Sites will be able to notify uses when optimum matches become available. No longer will users need to do all of the detailed leg work and manage every aspect of their travel, intelligent agents will be able to do most of the grunt work.

Smart Activities

There are many disparate sites that provide information on what movies, television programs, sporting events, entertainment, classes, and other events are occurring. As these sites become more intelligent and comprehensive, users will have significantly greater knowledge of what activities are available to them at any given time and location. Sites are starting to appear that allow users to even create events.

This will significantly promote socialization and entertainment markets.

Smart Security

Specialized devices exist for in-home and in-vehicle safety and security.  Look for these systems to expand. In home security systems will start taking on some of the concierge activities that some vehicle security systems currently have.

Smartphones will likely be similarly enhanced. Cameras, sirens, 911 connections, and intelligent software with attacker detection, will be integrated and available when traversing dangerous areas.

Smart Rentals

As mentioned earlier in the text, there are websites where users can rent out their own homes for a few days, just like a hotel. Look to see this expand with property owners with vacant space jumping into the fray.

As with any growing business activity, services will appear to further foster growth. Services to provide cleaning, toiletries, bedding, and even hotel type furniture will become available. This will reduce the effort needed in managing this type of short term rental. Banks with vacant properties may also enter the fray.

This will likely help to optimize housing space utilization across the community.

Automated Education

Home schooling is steadily growing. Some school districts are starting to encompass this option to boost enrollment. Automated classes are becoming more and more prevalent.  If you can have a team of master teachers craft an interactive class that charts student progress and adapts to student needs, the need for direct teacher-student interaction will shrink.

Our current system of public schools is actually very new and novel from a human history perspective. Look to see education become significantly more automated and directed at individual needs as opposed to forcing all students to progress at the same speed with the same timing.

Public schooling will not disappear, but it will become very different, with only the activities that need significant supervision and interaction being retained.  Costs should significantly reduce as the need for identical lectures being done by hundreds of thousands of teachers in different locations being eliminated.

Smart Finance

New investment programs available to the general public are popping up every day with greater amounts of intelligence. Users are regularly able to run simulations in real time. These programs will evolve to enabling users to run significantly more complex simulations based on historical data, interpretation of news, actions of major stock holders and other advanced features.

Further, these intelligent investment systems will become smarter than the best chess playing programs of today. They likely will even include fraud detection with automatic legal document creation for cases against investment fraud perpetrators. Additionally, smart education systems will be included in these packages to better assure success of private investor.

The gap between the average professional investment firm and the average private investor will likely shrink dramatically. Financial market games that have been played for centuries will likely disappear.

Look to see the structure of this market to have a significant reshuffling as the general population starts having intelligent financial management served to it on a silver platter.

Smart Entertainment

Newspaper and even television markets are shrinking. Information technology is changing how entertainment is served on a continual basis. Not only does the consumer have a multitude of new distribution channels for information and entertainment consumption, but new production and funding options are also appearing.

There are websites now available where consumers can contribute funds to new medium production. This is part of a more general trend where Information Technology is facilitating the change of markets from push to pull. Consumers will be able to pull for the production of content they are interested. This has the potential to spread to other markets such as fashion and manufacturing.

There are many sites offering a multitude of contract services such as book editing and publishing. Look to see this only increase. Middlemen in a multitude of fields will likely see their share of the market drop if not completely disappear.

Imagine a new musician producing an album via an integrated site that connects investors, contractors, distribution channels all based an a cappella recording.

In the morning the performance is recorded, it gains significant interest by the evening, via social media sharing sites and associated media funding sites, that a go decision is made. Contractors are lined up for supporting music, video, studio, artwork, and editing services, mostly to be done via online collaboration. Distribution channels and performance venues are likewise set up via online sites with a consumer pull focus.

While there are no popular websites that currently integrate all of this, there are many websites that cover most of the components. Look to ‘Executive Producer’ contracting websites to become available where experts are available to help put the whole package together elegantly.

Smart Legal

While most of the current impact of Information Technology on the legal profession is based around administrative activities, look to see this change dramatically in coming years.

As with leadership, the most dramatic changes will not be due to the creation of intelligent legal software but more on how IT can be integrated into legal activities to make the legal process more effective.

As with any business, the question must be asked on what value lawyers provide. The term “Legal Services’ makes it obvious that a service is provided, not a product. What is the purpose of this service? From the perspective of the IT Maturity Method legal services are primarily Integration services . Within the business environment, legal services facilitate how the business integrates with vendors, partners, distributors, employees, consumers, and the government.

While legal services are currently often focused on technicalities and associated machinations.  Information Technology can help reorient this to a facilitation based focused. It is of far greater value for businesses to seamlessly connect with their many varied integrations than to be mired in minor (or major) technical disagreements. This is discussed in greater detail in ITMM Vendor Integration training.

As mentioned earlier the legal profession will be dramatically impacted by other forms of automation such as autonomous vehicles. As vehicular accidents and traffic oriented arrests disappear, all associated legal services and jobs will likewise disappear.

Legal software available to the public will likewise mature and further erode the size of the legal profession. Software for divorces and estate management will similarly start focusing more on the service of facilitating transitions as opposed to disagreement technical details.

Smart Government

It is obvious from earlier discussions of autonomous vehicles that government will be dramatically impacted. With the disappearance of all police, court, parole, and prison management associated with vehicular accidents and arrests government will shrink dramatically. Further dramatic shrinkage will occur due to education automation. ‘Integration facilitation’ supplanting ‘fighting over legal technicalities’ will also impact government, as will smart security systems.

Information Technology is already dramatically impacting government through the facilitation of administrative services. This includes the emergence of sharing of services between different governments. This trend will continue in ways that are non-obvious. As software becomes smarter, helps integrate move individuals and associated activities, and better educates the general public, the concept of government will transform in a fashion similar to the transformation of leadership and the legal profession discussed above.

The transformation will likely start small and snowball to the large very quickly. Smaller cooperatives, associations, and local governments will start using more and more intelligent management, citizen education, citizen participation, and fraud detection software. This will expand quickly to larger governments.

While it is true that this transformation is currently happening piece by piece across the board, the question is of conceptual complexity. Smaller organizations are less complex and are more tractable to earlier change.

As government becomes less susceptible to fraud and manipulation, management will become more and more based on return to the community. For example, prison wardens will likely be rewarded not by the size of their prisons, but instead on the amount of reduction of recidivism. For, the return (service) to the community is the safety being provided.

Smart Home

Automated Kitchens and gardens will not be the only parts of the home transformed by automation. As mentioned earlier, autonomous vehicles, and Voice Operating Systems will also affect typical home layout.

Further, home transformations will occur as programmable thermostats evolve to smart home energy and security management. Sensors, actuators, and communication will be added to blinds, curtains, vents, lighting, windows, locks, cameras, and water heaters to optimize home environmental control, energy consumption, and security.

Additionally, intelligent integrated energy websites will mature to allow users to choose energy systems to optimize their energy usage, whether the optimum choice is traditional or alternative.

Smart Health

As with leadership, legal, and government, as IT matures the health market will likewise experience a major transformation. We already see the analysis of diagnostic data being off-shored or handed off to intelligent systems.

However, the biggest transformation will occur because of the conceptual transformation to a more integrated and service oriented view of health providers.

Currently we see sites that evaluate doctors and other individual providers. Look to see this expand to insurance providers and other integrated health systems. Look to them being evaluated based upon final results such survivability and general health as opposed to being evaluated based upon technical details.

With this transformation health/insurance systems that are balanced across nutrition-diet, exercise -lifestyle, allopathic medicine, and alternative medicine, to obtain best results will likely thrive. It is very possible that as opposed to paying for gym membership, health/insurance system subscribers will gain credits for every gym visit.

Smart Personal Care

Technological tools in the personal care market have been around for many decades. These tools exist in both the home and in personal care centers such as hair dressers and tanning salons. Look for these tools to become more intelligent.

Units in Hair Salons will likely emerge to wash hair, massage heads, and trim shorter hair. These units will likely migrate to in home use. Additionally, other in-home massage and personal care devices will become smarter and more prevalent.

Smart Communication

While much of the major transformation to occur with respect to communications will be due to telecommunications technological advances, Information Technology will play a significant part in this transformation.

Wireless devices are becoming more and more capable. They are starting to rival wired communication from the perspective of meeting consumer needs and desires. This transformation will continue, with first local wireless capabilities meeting most needs and desires to eventually long distance wireless capabilities meeting most consumer needs and desires.

As this technology continues to evolve, look for major shake ups in the telecommunications industry. If users can purchase inexpensive technologies where they no longer need a service to do all of their communication globally, they won’t pay for expensive services.

Profiting From Innovation

Enterprises interested in wishing to participate in or take advantage of any of the above innovations should contact IT Maturity, Inc.