If you Develop and Roll out Leadership Principles, how do you Know if They are Used or are Effective?

Is your team unaware of which leadership principles are critical to your specific endeavor? Are leadership principles haphazardly known and practiced? Are you unable to quantify the effect that new leadership principles are having on your organization?

Leadership principles include basic strategies such as delegation, enablement, escalation, risk taking, customer focus, and stake holder involvement. It is common for CEO’s to hire consulting firms to help them determine which leadership principles their organization is in need of, or can best benefit from. However, once the consulting team leaves and the principles are rolled out, there are weak, if any mechanisms for follow through. In some cases, at major corporations, yellow sticky pads are left next to posters of leadership principles scattered throughout the organization.

IT Maturity offers tools for systematically and aggressively tracking and analyzing usage of leadership principles at both the organization and sub-organization level. Analysis of how effective each leadership principle is in aiding the advancement of an organization is essential for the success of any enterprise. Principles must be prioritized based upon the beneficial effect they have on an organization.

Implementation and analysis of leadership principles goes beyond just the high-level list provided by the consulting team. Basic Leadership skills such as delegation and escalation need to be aggressively tracked throughout every organization to enable superior organizational performance.

IT Maturity, Inc. provides training on how to aggressively track and analyze both the usage and effect of leadership principles.