What Kind of Leader do you Want to Be?

Scenario One:

  • Great orator.
  • Wrong products and service with old technology.

Scenario Two:

  • All departments communicating efficiently.
  • All departments applying new innovations.
  • Effectively advancing every aspect of your business.

Don’t be fooled, most leadership training methods are focused on personal skills such as inspiring oration that are not directly correlated with organizing a business to function more efficiently and effectively.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of leadership models.  In 1991, one survey counted 65 different Leadership classification systems. We are far from having an agreed upon definition of leadership that is accurate or scientifically provable. Do NOT assume that any definition or trait of leadership you have heard is real.

IT Maturity Method Leadership Improvement training is focused directly on how to organize your business to function more efficiently and effectively:

  • ITMM Leadership is built into the context of organizations, not individuals. The meaning of leadership outside organizations is questionable, for without an organization you cannot have a leader.
  • ITMM Leadership training is integrated into the context of business, integrating leadership components into business activities and business activities into leadership.
  • ITMM Leadership training is high level and covers leadership concisely and effectively.

Even if you fantasize that leadership is playing political games of survivorship, and you used such games to get into a position of power yourself, you do not want your team playing such games. You want your team to efficiently communicate and effectively use new innovations to enhance and advance every aspect of your business.

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