Information Technology is Changing How Everything Gets Done, How Will it Change Leadership?

Many of our current models on getting things done are based on technical restrictions of the past. Just as IT is freeing us from brick and mortar stores, IT can also liberate us from other old paradigms such as legacy leadership models.

IT allows information to be collected and organized in a completely different way than was done previously, because of this leadership and other methodologies can be dramatically transformed and advanced.  Leadership activities such as Management, Organization, Culture, and Vision can be partially automated, integrated, and delegated via IT tools and processes.

The IT Maturity Method (ITMM) uses IT to methodically enhance, advance, integrate, and mature businesses. This includes leadership as well as other activities such as business processes, technology, and vendor integration.

CIO’s and IT VP’s naturally gain a higher profile within organizations when they use the IT Maturity Method as they are not only delivering technology tools to enable all of their colleagues, they are also delivering tools to enable the integration and maturation of the larger organization.

For more information please refer to IT Maturity and Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method.