Methodically Empower Your Team to Continuously Explore Advances in Their Areas of Responsibility!

Exceptional Leadership is the ability to Methodically and Continuously create heroes. IT Maturity specializes in the creation of IT tools to enable the methodical and continuous creation of heroes (i.e. exceptional leadership).

One aspect of being a hero is exceptionality in your area of specialty and bringing advances to your community in that specialty. Another aspect of being a hero is the usage of leadership and interpersonal skills to ensure that the advances you bring both are effectively implemented and bring benefit to your community.

As a leader how can you make sure that everyone on your team has tools to not only aid them, but also to encourage them and to foster their hero skills. In the IT Maturity Online Leadership Improvement course we discuss in depth how leadership skills can be fostered via IT tools throughout your organization. In this newsletter we briefly discuss how IT tools can be used to help your whole team be exceptional in their individual areas of specialty and also provide a link to a raw example.

What can IT provide to ensure each employee is abreast of the latest advances within their area of specialty on an ongoing basis? What can IT provide to ensure that employees are using that information to create advances within their enterprise environment.

Asking the question is almost akin to answering the question within IT, as IT can be used to create a great diversity of things. The problem has been that the right question has not been asked. This is where IT Maturity has a tremendous advantage over the competition and can bring that advantage to help you over your competition.

The current state of the art asks the question of how social media can be leveraged to help employees communicate. However, Employees communicate differently within an enterprise than they do in a social environment (as they should). “Enterprise media” should be used in place of social media within an enterprise environment. This means communication centered around areas of specialty and ensuring that excellence in those specialties is leveraged for the benefit of the enterprise.

IT tools should be built to bring information to employees on their specialty on a daily basis. This means that the corporate web portal displayed to each employee should carry specialty information on a role based basis.

To give a raw idea of how multiple tools can be brought to bare on a specific topic we invite you to try out the search tool, which allows multiple search tools to be applied to a specific topic (i.e. patent, scholar, book, and other business oriented search tools).


IT Maturity can help you develop similar enterprise centric tools that integrate with both portal architecture, as well as other internal data and application sources. IT Maturity specializes in using enterprise architecture to implement IT tools that mature enterprises. IT tools cannot only provide information to employees, they can also track usage of that information, including associated tools that walk employees through the  process of bringing the advances they envision into realization within specific enterprise centric processes.

We’ve made the first half of the Online Leadership Improvement part of the IT Maturity Methodology free at You can purchase the second half of the Online Leadership Improvement part of the course at and the book at Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method by Justin Coven, Ph.D.IT Maturity provides training and consulting in a comprehensive IT Maturity Methodology that can be used to mature enterprises so that they are methodically and continually prepared for Technology, Business, Vendor, and Leadership changes. This includes insights into many of the impending IT and automation changes that will dramatically alter tomorrow’s business world. Contact information for IT Maturity is given below.

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