How can you tell if a Specific Activity is Leadership Versus an Interpersonal Skill?

Interpersonal skills are skills used to communicate directly with others. This can include direct speeches and even direct writing, where feedback from those you are communicating with is limited. Leadership is the ability to impact a team through many different layers of interpersonal interaction not just those you interact with directly. This includes where those you are interacting with are several levels of individuals away from you. In one sense Leadership is a superset of Interpersonal Skills

Historically Leadership has been confounded with exceptional interpersonal skills such as great oration and the ability to select direct reports with exceptional interpersonal skill so that they communicate the leaders message effectively. As this was all that was available to leaders in the past it was the best that could be done.

However, today we are in the middle of an electronic, computer, and information revolution and new possibilities have arisen to go far beyond this. Unfortunately most leadership experts are stuck in the past. For example some leadership experts glorify leaders taking excessive time to communicate single messages to all team members individually. Today IT can provide powerful tools to provide multi-directed and business focused communication through multiple layers of any enterprise. This is IT Maturity’s focus, helping enterprises build IT tools to create mature multi-directed business focused communication.

Don’t use your exceptional interpersonal skills as a crutch that prevents you from developing exceptional leadership within your enterprise. Let IT Maturity help you:

  • Define effective leadership principles.
  • Communicate those principles trough all of the layers of your enterprise methodically and continually.
  • Track and measure the usage of and benefit of those principles within your entire enterprise.
  • Create processes and tools to tune and advance those principles.
  • As vision is the most critical category of leadership this includes tools and processes that enable creation of vision throughout all of the layers of your enterprise at the speed of “change in the external environment”.

IT will change the nature of leadership just as IT is changing the way we shop, socialize and are entertained. IT Maturity is a leader in this transformation.

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IT Maturity provides training and consulting in a comprehensive IT Maturity Methodology that can be used to mature enterprises so that they are methodically and continually prepared for Technology, Business, Vendor, and Leadership changes. This includes insights into many of the impending IT and automation changes that will dramatically alter tomorrow’s business world. Contact information for IT Maturity is given below.

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