New Social Media Technology is Revolutionizing Corporate Service Models. Learn how This Will Affect Your Business!

Modern theories of Service identify two primary elements. The foundational element is a set of repeatable processes around each service activity that is provided to each customer equally without prejudice. The second element is one of solving customers’ problems that are outside of the standard service processes.

New Social Media technologies are challenging and changing what standard Service means.  Businesses are starting to leverage Social Media technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to provide service.  Automobile companies in Europe are using new IT tools to mine Social Media sites to identify unsatisfied customers so that they can solve problems for these customers. For example, a customer might complain about an issue with their vehicle on Facebook. The automobile company will mine Facebook and contact the customer within hours of the post, looking to resolve the issue.

As this trend continues, the wall of separation between Marketing and Service will start to evaporate.   Marketing can be seen as the endeavor of providing solutions to the problems of potential customers. Providing those potential customers problem resolution paths through the business’s products and services.

Is your IT organization looking at how to help your business evolve Marketing and Service via new IT Technology?

As an example, imagine that you work for a hairbrush company.  What new IT technology are you using to solve customer’s grooming problems. For, solutions to grooming problems are really what your products provide.  Are you using Social Media technology to solve ‘potential customer’ problems? Have you posted any YouTube videos on grooming with your products? Have you mined Facebook to see what customers think about your and your competitors’ products? What else can be done with Social Media technology for you specific business?

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