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The Drudge Report Topic

The Drudge Report Topic ( Report&b=IT Maturity) demonstrates how to create a more elegant and function rich report similar to the Drudge Report®.  This topic takes all of the generic Drudge Report links and puts them in the Links Menu in the TopicHero banner for easy access. Additionally, RSS (news) Feeds and Search Engines associated with all of the links have been added and put into the RSS Feeds Menus in the side panels and the Search Menu in the Banner respectively. Further, the left side panel has a Chat window for discussion about the Drudge Report.  The daily content has been put in the center frame.



How to Use

  1. You can visit the Drudge Report Topic and be elegantly connected to all the Drudge Report’s sources of information (i.e. RSS Feed and Search Engine connections, not just links).
  2. You can register and get a free TopicHero account and then make a copy of the Drudge Report Topic and edit to create your own daily report.
  3. Further uses can be seen by visiting the Topic and following the instructions at the top and bottom of the Topic.
  4. To get a clear picture of how a report would appear to users, visit one of the archived dates (e.g. Report 3-15-16&b=IT Maturity), which have the instructions removed.

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