Learn why Strategy and Vision Must be Delegated in Order to Survive Today’s Rapidly Changing Environment!

Is your Strategy and Vision stale after a few months? Does it take forever to determine the impact of market and technology changes?

Adapt your strategy and vision dynamically as markets and technology change via tools from the IT Maturity Method?

No individual can know everything. In order to put together an effective strategy you need to integrate the ideas and research of a large and diverse team.  A methodical process is needed to bring those ideas and associated analysis to the strategic level on an ongoing basis. As technology and market forces are always changing, strategy should adapt when new technology becomes available. When the market place changes you should recalculate your strategy in near real time.

IT Maturity tools can be used to gather and engage your larger team near real time, enabling and compelling your team to look at strategic and business advantages across every process and sub-process daily.

One of the newest fads is to have internet searchers on staff. Don’t buy it.  You need tools for the entire team to do searches on their respective business functions daily. Multiple different types of directed searches can be put into role based portals which update regularly. Corporate news and knowledge on portals should be supplemented with searches into diverse categories of information (e .g. patents, journals, markets, news, web, …) for each of your team’s diverse business functions.

Going further the IT Maturity Method creates tracking and metrics of your personnel’s usage of those business function searches and how the searches are then turned into business realization and value.

The IT Maturity Method enables near real time Strategy and Vision evolution via integrated business function, business value, technology, and vendor maps.

IT Maturity Inc. provides comprehensive and generic Leadership and IT organization training.

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