Is Leadership Delegation the Next fad Leadership Hocus-Pocus?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of leadership models. In 1991, one survey counted 65 different Leadership classification systems. Some experts consider all of the leadership models hocus-pocus. This is because leadership models are not focused on enabling businesses to be successful with the resources they have at hand. They are in essence methodologies in search of a mythical leader. One person’s view of a great leader is another’s view of a doofus put into a position of power via cronyism or nepotism. Look to politics for examples.

The IT Maturity Method (ITMM) takes a different tack.  The focus is on how leadership can help business. IT Maturity looks at leadership elements that can be turned into processes (or organizational behaviors) and then provides tools for that integration.

ITMM Leadership is built into the context of organizations, not individuals. The meaning of leadership outside organizations is questionable, for without an organization you cannot have a leader. ITMM Leadership training is integrated into the context of business, integrating leadership components into business activities and business activities into leadership. ITMM Leadership training is high level and covers leadership concisely and effectively.

Leaders don’t have to (and shouldn’t) be held solely accountable for supposed leadership skills that can be and should be turned into organizational processes such as vision. Vision is something that should be created and evolved systematically and dynamically by the larger organization as discussed in Newsletter #5.

ITMM Leadership Improvement Office Training provides a concrete set of mechanisms to aggressively define, track and measure, and tune and advance the critical activities of Leadership on an ongoing basis (see Newsletter #6).

Leadership is in essence delegated to the organization. Thus, the term “Leadership Delegation” is used to describe the IT Maturity leadership model. All leadership activities of value can and should be so delegated.

IT Maturity Inc. provides comprehensive and generic Leadership and IT organization training.