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Press Motivation

Why is IT Maturity Interesting, Earthshaking, and Culturally Transforming? Why are There Multiple Stories of Interest to Your Readers?

IT Maturity Press Introduction

IT maturity portends many near future upcoming transformations of society including automated vehicles, automated kitchens, automated gardens, and much much more, including significantly greater impact than is typically assumed.

The field of IT is already changing many elements of society including how people shop, how they are entertained, how they navigate the road, and even how they socialize. However, this is just a glimmer of the changes that are soon to come. 

As IT matures it will change much more of the fabric of society than is commonly anticipated. IT will even alter the fabric of Leadership, Law, Education, Medicine, Finance, and Government.

IT Maturity, Inc. offers concrete processes to IT organizations that enable IT teams to mature their larger enterprises. This includes helping enterprises both: understand how IT maturation will impact the environment they operate in; and also how to create their own innovations to impact the global environment.

Your readers will of course be most interested in the larger story of how all of these IT maturations will impact their own lives. This is a significant part of the story that IT Maturity, Inc. provides as it is in the process of fostering these innovations through the business environment.

Many, but not all, of your readers have likely heard of the dramatic advances being made with autonomous vehicles. What they are not aware of is 1) how soon this change is coming, 2) the overwhelming impact this will have, and 3) how associated IT advances will impact many other areas of endeavor.

To understand how overwhelming the impact will be, imagine what happens when all vehicles are driven automatically. Will all professional drivers be put out of business?  Will this have a greater impact than the replacement of horses with cars?  Will it occur faster than the replacement of horses with cars? What will happen to automobile insurance? What about the 400,000 hospital beds a year emptied as car crashes disappear? What about the disappearance of 2 million arrests a year for drunk driving? Will there be such a thing as a traffic ticket anymore? How many tens of millions of jobs will be displaced by these types of transformation?

In Newsletters #2 and #12 we discuss the impact of automated vehicles in greater depth. In Newsletters #4 we discuss how kitchens will be impacted and how this will dramatically impact the food preparation and restaurant industries. In Newsletter #13 we discuss how similar advances will impact the garden and food production industries. In IT Maturity Method Leadership Improvement we discuss how Leadership is affected by the maturation of IT. Finally, in Newsletter #20 we discuss a dozen other areas of impact including Education, Finance, and Government. All of this information is also contained in the recently published book “Leadership Improvment: The IT Maturity Method” by Dr. Justin Coven, Ph.D.

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