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IT Maturity, Inc. Newsletter #20

IT Will Introduce Innovations Across a Broad Set of Endeavors!  

In this Newsletter we briefly discuss other innovations that are likely to appear in the near to mid -term.

  • Smart Restaurants

    Look to see communications, and emerging complex computation to transform restaurant wait staff into concierge. Imagine the following advances:

    • Menus displayed on screens, ubiquitously anywhere from the web or at numerous stations in the restaurant including at the table.
    • Orders taken via any type of computer input or via operators.
    • Menus crafted based on customer information such as dietary needs and common preparation preferences.
    • Orders delivered via automated delivery carts.
    • Entertainment and social meet-ups coordinated via websites and preprogrammed preferences.
    • Concierge staff roaming the restaurant making sure customer experience is pristine.

    Imagine being in a foreign city on business and a menu of food, entertainment, and meet-up combinations are provided to you based on your preferences. When you arrive at your venue of choice your beverages and appetizers are ready in a location where people of similar interests are ready to socialize with you.  Later both entertainment and food appear to further enhance your experience.

  • Voice Operating Systems
  • Smart Travel
  • Smart Activities
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Rentals
  • Automated Education
  • Smart Finance
  • Smart Entertainment
  • Smart Legal
  • Smart Government
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Personal Care
  • Smart Communication
  • Profiting From Innovation

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